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Staying in a furnished apartment in Minneapolis? You can’t miss the ooey, gooey burger delicacies at The Blue Door!

If you’re not from around here, then it may come as a surprise to you during your visit that in Minnesota we don’t put cheese on top of our burgers but we stuff it inside (er, well sometimes we do both).  Not only that, but we put a lot of our other favorite things in there, too.  At The Blue Door, they put a gourmet twist on the south Minneapolis classic jucy lucy.  Their cutely named Blucy is filled not only with plain ol’ American cheese (boring, and they have that too), but blue cheese or Colby or coconut milk soaked mozzarella—even breaded and fried cheese curds like a real Minnesotan burger should be filled with.  Whether your furnished rental stay in Minneapolis is for six days or six months, you’ll have plenty of time to try each burger on the menu more than once then come again and make ‘em a “Cowboy” with BBQ sauce, extra cheese, and a couple of onion rings for just a dollar more.

The Blue Door is located in a quiet neighborhood in Longfellow; a south Minneapolis community nestled neatly between the mighty Mississippi River and the Metro Green Line that’s the perfect place to find Minneapolis furnished apartments.  Formerly not well known for abundant (or very good) restaurants and taprooms, 2014 has been good to Longfellow with the opening of The Blue Door.

Outside of The Blue Door Pub

Inside, the atmosphere is cool, woodsy and inviting.  Longfellow is a quiet neighborhood.  Furnished apartment rental thrives here without massive parking lots and strip malls.  With that said, the Blue Door is as perfect for a night of well-mannered revelry as it is a great, safe place to take your kids for a tasty burger.  There’s even a sign outside that encourages patrons to use their inside voices.  The Blue Door delivers solid gastro pub fare, almost exclusively Minnesotan tap beers, and a menu that is unique to its Minneapolis location.  It’s the perfect place for after work drinks with an excellent happy hour menu that doesn’t feel like a chain restaurant.

The menu includes their perfectly prepared flagship “Blucy” as seen on the television show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives stuffed with blue cheese and minced garlic.  They also feature a Burger of the Month (B.O.M.).  August’s is the “Picnic Blucy” filled with Colby Jack cheese, topped with slow roasted barbeque pork and house made chipotle pepper slaw with red onion and pickles.  Every burger comes with a warning for first-time visitors to Minnesota about the hot explosion of goodness that comes with your first bite.

With a full take-out menu, you can call The Blue Door and then bring an exquisitely prepared burger and tater tots back to your furnished apartment  in Minneapolis just like you’re back at home.  Their “Midwestern ingenuity” may make you consider relocating to Minnesota just to have The Blue Door next door.